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Trade Legends | Episode 020 | The Ginger Mason & Carpentry by Sam

Trade Legends
Trade Legends
Trade Legends | Episode 020 | The Ginger Mason & Carpentry by Sam

Two new guests join Big Al & @P B Plumber on this episode of Trade Legends. There jobs couldn’t be more different, a Carpenter and a Stone Mason, but they have one incredible thing in common… and we didn’t see it coming.

Rachel talks to the gang about how she got in to her trade at a later age after going down the University route and not knowing what career path to take. Sam talks about how he always wanted to get in to Carpentry despite his teacher telling him he’d never make it. And both guests talk about how they are THE LUCKIEST people, or Unluckiest depending on how you look at it…

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Guests this episode:
🪨 Rachel ( The Ginger Mason ) Insta: @thegingermason
🪵 Sam ( Carpentry by Sam ) | Insta: @carpentry_bysam