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Trade Legends | Episode 009 | Glister Services & D5 Construction

Trade Legends
Trade Legends
Trade Legends | Episode 009 | Glister Services & D5 Construction

We’re back for Season 2! New guests, new features… Same old PB & Al!

Guests this episode include Todd (Glister Services) & Matt from D5 Construction.

The gang talks about their first cars, Todd speaks about having covid and being self employed. There’s a shocking story involving a Caravan and Matt talks about having a family and running a business.

Stay tuned until the end for a great giveaway featuring Unilite products as well as a crate of Trade Legends Beer and as always our huge £250 Power Tool Mate Voucher. To enter visit tradelegends.uk/giveaways/ and enter your answers to the following questions:

Q. Guess the combined score of 12 darts from both players, closest answer wins. Q. Who got the highest score in Darts… Todd or Matt? Good Luck!

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