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This REALLY happened at British Gas | Trade Legends PODCAST | 065

About this Podcast Episode

Join us for an exciting episode of Trade Legends featuring Kaz, a female gas engineer with a captivating story of resilience and adaptability. From her early days at British Gas to starting her own business, Kaz shares her unique insights on the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Liam the Plumber @liamtheplumber joins as a guest host, bringing his trademark banter and practical advice to the conversation.
Mark, the head of marketing at Thomas Dudley @thomasdudleyplumbing reveals his fascinating career journey from the disposable paper industry to coffins and now plumbing products. He discusses the importance of British manufacturing and the company’s commitment to its employees and the local community. With over 100 years of history, Thomas Dudley has remained a family-owned business that values teamwork, partnership, and innovation.
Kaz opens up about her experience as a female gas engineer, sharing valuable advice for young women considering a career in the trades. She emphasises the importance of confidence, hard work, and being true to oneself in the face of negativity. Mark highlights the diverse range of apprenticeships available in manufacturing, encouraging aspiring professionals to explore the exciting opportunities within the industry.
Throughout the episode, the guests discuss the importance of adaptability, whether it’s in response to changes in company policies or the ever-evolving technology in the plumbing and gas industry. They also touch on the power of social media in promoting one’s business and the need for authenticity in online interactions. Don’t miss this engaging and informative episode of Trade Legends, packed with laughter, practical advice, and inspiring stories of success in the trades.

With special guest host Liam @liamtheplumber

00:00:00 Introducing
00:02:24 Thomas Dudley
00:18:38 Water Loss in the UK
00:24:07 Before Thomas Dudley
00:29:18 Social Media
00:33:10 Kaz’s Story
00:41:06 Working at British Gas
00:58:12 Going Self-Employed
01:08:23 Kaz’s Social Media
01:11:48 Final Thoughts

Guests this week:
Mark @thomasdudleyplumbing
Kaz @kazgasltd (Insta)

Mark @MJTiffPlumbing
Liam @liamtheplumber

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