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International Women’s Day | Trade Legends PODCAST | 060

About this Podcast Episode

In this episode of Trade Legends, we celebrate International Women’s Day by bringing together two incredible guests, Pixie from Pixie Heating and Michelle from She Who Dares, Wins.
These inspiring women share their journeys into the trades, discussing the challenges they’ve faced, the freedom they’ve found, and the importance of encouraging the next generation of tradeswomen. From working alongside ex-cons to battling toxic work environments, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the construction and plumbing industry, and women’s experiences in the trades.
Michelle’s story is one of resilience and determination. She shares her unconventional path into the world of engineering, from studying geography to working on landfill sites. Despite facing discrimination and challenging work environments, Michelle’s passion for her work and her dedication to inspiring other women in the industry shine through. Her honesty about the struggles she’s faced and the importance of male allies in creating change is both refreshing and empowering.
Pixie’s journey is equally inspiring. She shares her experience of becoming a plumber at 30, after years of struggling to find her place in the workforce. From burning her school uniform to riding a micro scooter to work, Pixie’s story is one of perseverance and hard work. She discusses the financial freedom and job satisfaction she’s found in her trade, and the importance of sharing her story to inspire other women to pursue careers in the trades.
Throughout the episode, both Pixie and Michelle emphasise the importance of encouraging girls and young women to consider careers in the trades. They discuss the need for more exposure to trade careers in schools, and the role that social media can play in normalising the presence of women in the construction industry. With their honest and engaging stories, Pixie and Michelle are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the trades.

00:00:00 Introducing
00:03:24 Michelle’s Story
00:36:40 Starting Social Media and the Podcast
00:49:50 Pixie’s Story
01:06:49 Final Thoughts

Guest this week:
Michelle @SheWhoDaresWins
Pixie @pixie_heating (Instagram)

Alex Insley @bigaltradelegends (Instagram)

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