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I work ALL OVER THE WORLD as a Carpenter | Trade Legends PODCAST | 059

About this Podcast Episode

Join us as we sit down with Kev, a seasoned carpenter who shares his incredible journey from apprentice to globe-trotting professional. From surviving AK-47 attacks in Lagos to encountering dead bodies on the road, Kev’s experiences will leave you on the edge of your seat. He also shares valuable insights on the importance of vocational education and the limitless opportunities available in the trades.
Kev’s career has taken him from boatbuilding to lecturing aspiring tradespeople. His passion for the trades is evident as he recounts his experiences working on bombproof windows in embassies across the world. Kev’s story is a testament to the diverse range of opportunities available to those who pursue a career in the trades.
Throughout the episode, Kev emphasises the significance of apprenticeships and practical skills. He discusses the need for a more balanced approach to education, one that values vocational training as much as academic pursuits. Kev’s own journey demonstrates how a career in the trades can open doors to exciting and fulfilling experiences.
From his harrowing tales of working in dangerous locations to his insights on the future of the trades, Kev’s story is one that will inspire and captivate listeners.

00:00:00 Introducing
00:10:40 Becoming a Lecturer
00:17:24 Working Abroad
00:27:01 Career Highlights
00:32:56 Advice for people
00:36:08 Dangerous Travel Stories
00:42:43 The Educational System

Guest this week:
Kevin Page @pentagon.carpentry.and.joinery

Alex Insley @bigaltradelegends

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