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HOW I MADE £170k in 10 Months | Trade Legends PODCAST

About this Podcast Episode

Rod, carved his path in the business world through floor fitting. His journey began in the industry while working for a football manager’s business, eventually leading him to establish a separate department for private floor fitting projects. In 2019, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rod took the leap into self-employment. Since then, he has gained firsthand experience navigating the challenges and intricacies of running a business, gaining valuable insights into the demanding nature of entrepreneurship.

Vanguard, a British-made roof racking company headquartered in Exeter, has been a stalwart in the industry since the 1940s. Operating from the same site, they take pride in their commitment to excellent customer service and maintain a tight-knit, family-oriented company culture. Specialising in roof racking, van storage, and van security, Vanguard has consistently delivered quality products and services to its customers.

00:00 Introducing Vanguard
15:20 The Right Flooring Company
29:16 Hiring the Wrong People
38:17 Where next for Vanguard?
51:59 Tool Theft & Van Thieves
56:57 Q&A
01:02:10 Advice for Setting Up your own Business

Guests this week:
Chris | Vanguard @VanGuardAccessories
Rod | The Right Flooring Company

Mark Tiff @MJTiffPlumbing

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