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Film Props, Charity Work & DEATH THREATS all on 1 Podcast | Trade Legends PODCAST | 068

About this Podcast Episode

Join us for Episode 68 of the Trade Legends Podcast, as we dive into the world of fibrous plastering, landscaping and even Death Threats!
Mary @MaryPlasterMouldingsDirect a master of traditional fibrous plastering, and Mark @lawnstripesandhedges the man behind the successful “Lawns, Stripes and Hedges,” share their inspiring journeys and reveal the secrets behind their crafts. From working on high-profile TV projects like The Gentlemen to dealing with online trolls, this episode is packed with captivating stories and valuable insights.
Mary takes us through her journey in the world of fibrous plastering, a skill she learned from her father and brother. She discusses the intricacies of her work, from restoring cornices in Victorian houses to creating bespoke mouldings for prestigious clients like Harrods and the Ivy restaurants. Mary also shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated industry and her passion for passing on her knowledge to the next generation of fibrous plasterers.
Mark’s story is one of perseverance and dedication. From humble beginnings as a teenage troublemaker to becoming a successful landscaper and social media star, Mark’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. He shares the challenges he faced along the way, including the loss of his best friend and the struggles of growing a business. Mark also discusses his experience with online trolls, death threats and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.
Throughout the episode, Mary and Mark share their favourite projects, their plans for the future, and their advice for aspiring tradespeople. From Mary’s love for restoring historic buildings to Mark’s passion for inspiring the next generation of landscapers, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the trades.

00:00:00 Introducing
00:02:54 Mary’s Story
00:20:01 Working in Film and TV
00:23:50 How to Become a Plasterer
00:28:46 Mark’s Story
00:45:49 Wrongfully accused of Theft
00:56:15 Working with brands, and building a team
01:22:30 Final Thoughts

Guests this week:
Mary @MaryPlasterMouldingsDirect
Mark @lawnstripesandhedges

Alex @alexinsley
Mark @MJTiffPlumbing

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