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EXPOSED: The Truth About DIY House Builds | Trade Legends PODCAST | 066

About this Podcast Episode

Scott’s @scott_diy story is one of determination, passion and DIY. From his early days as a tree surgeon to his successful career in marketing, Scott’s diverse background has equipped him with a unique set of skills. When faced with the daunting task of renovating his own home, Scott took on the challenge head-on, teaching himself the trades through countless hours of research and hands-on experience. His dedication and hard work paid off, as he not only completed the renovation but also documented his journey on social media, captivating audiences worldwide.
With a massive following of nearly 400,000 on Instagram and 175,000 on TikTok, Scott has become a prominent figure in the trade industry. His engaging content, which showcases his expertise in various trades such as bricklaying, plumbing, and electrical work, has earned him collaborations with top brands. In this episode, Scott shares his insights on navigating the world of influencer marketing, building genuine relationships with brands, and creating content that both informs and entertains.
Throughout the episode, Scott shares his most memorable experiences, from his appearance on a Channel 4 renovation programme to his ambitious plans for the future. He offers valuable advice for aspiring influencers and those looking to pursue their passions, emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself and tackling challenges head-on. Whether you’re a seasoned tradesperson, a DIY enthusiast, or simply looking for inspiration, this episode is packed with actionable tips and heartfelt stories that will leave you motivated and ready to take on your own projects.

00:00:00 Introducing
00:02:35 Scott’s Story
00:13:37 Scott’s First Property
00:25:36 Changing Careers
00:30:25 Social Media
00:37:10 What’s Next for Scott?
00:48:50 Working with Other Influencers
00:51:01 Final Thoughts and Future Plans

Guest this week:
Scott @scott_diy

Alex @bigaltradelegends (Insta)

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