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Empowering Women In The Trade Industry | Trade Legends Podcast

About this Podcast Episode

Empowering Women In The Trade Industry. Oil Engineers an overlooked but essential trade, they’re responsible for keeping the power on in thousands of homes across the UK as well as essential services including hospitals. Tonight we have two women in the hot seat!

Hollie’s path to becoming an oil engineer was anything but conventional. After starting her career in marine biology, she encountered personal and professional challenges that led her to a diagnosis of ADHD. Serendipitously, she discovered a new opportunity to train as an oil boiler engineer, and with determination and passion, she successfully established her own business, proving that it’s never too late to change careers and pursue your true calling.

Becca’s story is equally captivating. Despite academic setbacks and being expelled from school due to an unintentional fire incident, she persevered and fortuitous event at the pub led to her becoming an oil engineer. Overcoming gender biases, Becca gained valuable experience in social housing before finding her niche in the private commercial sector, working with a company in the field of oil engineering.

Join us as we delve into their experiences, challenges, and triumphs, and gain valuable insights into the world of oil engineering. This episode is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the endless possibilities that await those who are willing to embrace change. Don’t miss out!


Guests this week:
Hollie @holliesheating4791
Becca @bwestgas_chick

Dave @elwood_enterprises

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