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Car Boots are now BANNING the sale of POWERTOOLS. Tool Theft SPECIAL | Trade Legends PODCAST | 067

About this Podcast Episode

In this week’s episode of Trade Legends, we dive deep into the world of tool theft and the groundbreaking protest that shook London. Join us as we uncover how one man’s petition snowballed into a massive demonstration, bringing hundreds of tradespeople to Parliament Square and catching the attention of national media. Discover the shocking statistics behind tool theft and the innovative solutions being implemented to combat this epidemic.
We welcome back Shoaib @thegasexpert-yt , the mastermind behind the tool theft protest, and he shares his journey from starting a petition to leading a movement that’s changing the landscape of tool security. Hear firsthand accounts of the challenges faced, the unexpected support received, and the incredible impact this grassroots campaign has had on the industry.
We delve into the aftermath of the protest, exploring the closure of car boot sales, increased police involvement, and the potential for legislative change. Learn about cutting-edge DNA marking technology and how it’s being used to deter thieves and recover stolen tools.
A truly inspiring tale of how tradespeople united to make their voices heard and the ongoing battle against tool theft. From the logistics of organising a protest to the future of tool security, this episode is packed with insights that every tradesperson needs to hear.

00:00:00 Introducing
00:01:54 Planning the Protest
00:13:18 Heading to London
00:29:51 The Aftermath
00:33:52 Tracking your tools / Car Boots
00:49:31 Future Plans

Guests this week:
Shoaib @thegasexpert-yt
Pointy @pointyplumber

Mark @MJTiffPlumbing

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