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Meet the hosts

Alex Insley

Director at Unilite

Alex is a UK based entrepreneur and brand director at Unilite but In a previous life Alex was a sound engineer and will be bringing his experience in this field to the Trade Legends podcast. With high energy and a charismatic personality, Alex’s approach to the podcast, allows guests to feel comfortable, open up and keep the conversation flowing. Since 2009 Alex has been managing the Unilite brand, pushing the company in to the 21st century with a large focus on quality social content that creates lifetime loyal fans. With a keen interest in product design and trade Alex has designed a lot of the modern Unilite range himself.

Peter Booth

Pete is a third generation plumbing and heating engineer from the UK who is widely known as @pbplumber on social media. Pete won the prestigious heating installer award back in 2017. This award champions the best heating installers in the UK who deliver on excellent customer service and superior workmanship. Pete is known for taking great pride in his craft, helping apprentices and championing campaigns to reduce tool theft for trades professionals such as Novanber. Pete has also produced his own line of tool bags with Velocity Pro Gear and is currently working with other brands on original products.