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Truss Buddy Tools

High quality tools at an affordable price
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About Truss Buddy Tools

Truss Buddy Tools designs and manufactures premium tool rigs and organizers for various trades and craftspeople. Their flagship products are full tool rigs custom-tailored for trades like framing, carpentry, roofing, and shuttering.

A wide selection of rigs cater to different trades and experience levels, from the Apprentice Rig to profession-specific options. Unique rigs are also curated in collaboration with notable influencers in the craft community.

In addition to full rigs, they offer individual rig components like tool belts, pouches, hammer sleeves and more. A variety of colors and styles allows customizing setups.

Easy online ordering is complemented by knowledgeable customer service. Same-day shipping from Northern Ireland addresses fulfillment needs.

By developing thoughtfully designed, durable rigs centered around trade workflows, Truss Buddy Tools aims to improve organization, efficiency and safety for professionals. Their growing product line provides solutions for any crafts trade or experience level.