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Marshalltown Tools

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About Marshalltown Tools

Marshalltown Tools offers a comprehensive range of high-quality trowels, floats, hawks and other tools for masonry, plastering, painting and woodworking trades. As a leading supplier, they stock everything from Marshalltown’s signature bricklayer’s tools to drywall knives, flooring trowels and more.

All tools are meticulously manufactured using premium materials like carbon steel, stainless steel and durable plastic or wood handles. Popular series include Permashape, Gold, 1800 Premium and USA Select lines.

In addition to core equipment, the website provides categories for bricklaying, plastering, concrete, tiling and more. Specific trades can easily locate essential tools. Bulk and custom orders are welcomed.

Established since the 1930s, Marshalltown has developed strong relationships with building and renovation trades. Their products have a proven reputation for withstanding heavy-duty use.

Whether refilling your toolkit or seeking advice on proper tools, customers can rely on Marshalltown’s expertise and quality assurance. Fast shipping is available to trade customers worldwide.