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Discount Code for Church Farm Brewery

Church Farm Brewery Discount


Church Farm Brewery

Delicious, Craft Beer made in Warwickshire.
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About Church Farm Brewery

Church Farm Brewery is a family-run craft brewery located on the outskirts of Warwick, England. Unlike mass-produced counterparts, they take pride in brewing by hand, adhering to traditional methods. Their beers are full of flavor and made with passion.

In November 2012, Church Farm Brewery made an exciting transition. They sold their herd of dairy cattle and converted the milking equipment into a microbrewery. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to creating exceptional pints using water from the farm’s well, locally sourced malt, and hops.

Their commitment to quality shines through in their range of beers. One standout is their take on the traditional Bohemian Pilsner from the Czech Republic. Brewed with floor-malted Pilsner Malt and Saaz Hops, this beer is aged for a minimum of six weeks in their cellar at the farm.