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Bisley Workwear

Bisley Workwear is designed to face the toughest conditions.
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About Bisley Workwear

Bisley Workwear is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality workwear, safetywear and protective equipment. Although founded in Australia over 60 years ago, Bisley has established itself as the top brand for work clothing in the UK through its comprehensive product range and reputation for durable, versatile styles.

The company designs and manufactures a wide variety of garments and accessories suitable for tradesworkers, industrial personnel and anyone working in hazardous environments. This includes trousers, shirts, jackets, gloves, boots and more for industries like construction, facilities maintenance, utilities and transport.

Bisley aims to provide worksite essentials that are both comfortable and protective. Their clothing is specially treated with antimicrobial properties for hygiene. Easy online ordering and a large network of stockists across the UK ensure convenient accessibility.

Through innovative fabrics, attention to latest safety standards and focus on hardworking customers, Bisley has become synonymous with premium work apparel. Both individual workers and businesses can outfit their needs with versatile, high-quality solutions from Bisley Workwear.