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A Unexpected Career Change into the Trades

For many in the trades, their journey began with a clear pathway decided early on. But for Holly, her career change was much more abrupt. Originally studying marine biology at university, she found the realities of that work unfulfilling and sought a new direction.

Holly’s first career took her around the UK, from studying in Plymouth to working in Orkney. But low pay, office politics and lack of job security left her burnt out. Returning home to Kent, she had no idea what her next move might be.

It was then that a chance encounter changed everything. While socializing at a pub, Holly learned from a friend that a local heating company needed a new trainee. On a whim, she decided to give it a try, beginning her training at 27 – later than many.

The transition from marine life to boiler maintenance was a big transition. Holly had to start from the basics, learning both soft skills like customer service as well as technical system functions. Financial struggles also came with the entry level pay during her apprenticeship.

Now several years in, Holly runs her own successful business serving clients across Kent. She attributes her career switch to never being satisfied sticking to one path. ADHD also plays a part, finding constant novelty and problem-solving a good fit.

For those unsure of their direction, Holly’s story shows an unexpected twist can lead somewhere fulfilling. Following curiosities, being open to chance occurrences and not fearing a non-traditional route helped launch her second act as a respected local heating engineer.